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  • Hover over an image then click the heart (or Add to Favorites.)  
  • Edit your favorites by clicking “Favorites: My Selection,” top left. You can also share your favorites with others to get their opinions by clicking “Share Favorites”, top right. Once you’ve narrowed down to your final selections, you can move onto choosing products for your selected images.
  • To buy the same product for all your selections, click “Buy>Buy All”, top right. To buy different products for each image (ex. 2 prints, 1 digital), hover over each image, click the down arrow in the bottom right corner, then choose “Buy”.  
  • Digital products are found under “Downloads > Digital Image” or choose any number of print products.  Note: All digital images will be delivered in both color and black & white.
  • Click on the Cart (top right) and follow the on screen instructions to check out.
  • Once your order is placed, you’re all set! Digital products will be delivered via email within one week and prints via snail mail within three weeks. If you're in a rush, send me a quick note and I'll see what I can do!