2070 Circle Drive, Columbus, OH 43220

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The studio is similar to a home, except it's in a warehouse! There's a comfortable lounge and office space just outside the studio area to take private phone calls or breastfeed. We have everyday home items, like restrooms, wifi, snacks, water, coffee, dishes, tampons, tissues, paper towels and an iron/steamer. There's a large dressing room to change clothes and have hair and makeup done. There are wardrobe racks and tables for your clothes and jewelry. 


Helpful Things to Bring to the Studio with You

  • While the studio does have heat and air conditioning, it's still a warehouse. Dressing in layers will keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Extra thick socks in the winter--the studio floors are cement and are especially cold when taking off your shoes. 
  • Hand lotion, eyedrops and lip balm, as it can get dry in the winter with the commercial heater.
  • Laptop, iPad or iPhone battery charger.