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Black Locust is freedom to see yourself in a new light.

In 12+ years, I've photographed hundreds of women, yet I've never photographed a woman who hasn't scrutinized some part of herself. Whether it's her hair, thighs, frown lines, stretch marks or moles, she deems her body imperfect. Yet all I see is beauty, and there's so much more to her than beauty alone.

It's hard to embrace everything you are in a single moment. Sometimes it might feel like your different personas are different people, as if your roles as a parent, wife, sister or friend are separate beings. With Black Locust, you’ll see every version of yourself as one beautiful, dynamic soul.

Black Locust isn't about fashion models and it's not boudoir photography. It's about seeing your true self reflected in a photograph, to keep forever. Share these photos with your partner, mother, kids and friends, but mostly they are for YOU. To see how beautiful you are and to feel beautiful every day going forward. 

Black Locust is my love letter to every woman in the world. See the good in yourself. Embrace the inner voice that whispers the nicest things, and believe they are true.

Yours truly,

Catherine Murray | photographer and owner of Black Locust






Black Locust CollageBlack Locust Collage


"This is the real me." -Catherine