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Empowering Women You Know Project

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Complimenting is a dying art. We compliment outer appearance all the time, yet how often do we verbalize our admiration of inner beauty? Women have the power to change society's obsession with outer beauty, one compliment at a time, changing the way we see ourselves and each other along the way. 

The "Empowering Women We Know Project" is a platform to tell the women we know and love how amazing they are, inside and out. We say Black Locust is our love letter to every woman in the world. Today we've written love letters to each other. 


Catherine to Stephanie: 

The thing I love most about Stephanie is she's up for anything. She's always open to ideas, no matter where they come from. She gets excited about everything, even mundane tasks. It's all the same to her-fun and exciting.

As a mom and wife, Stephanie's strong, supportive, loving, and an advocate of good manners and healthy eating-but not without splurging now and again. Finding time for yourself as a mom isn't easy with all the things you have to do and the guilt that sometimes eats moms up. I admire Stephanie's ability to have interests separate from her kids.

Stephanie has started three businesses since her first daughter was born. There's a fair amount of juggling to keep the balance and it's not as though she hasn't spent some days frazzled and overworked, but I know her children admire her for pursuing her dreams and finding what makes her happy.

Stephanie's kind and fair, a fast learner and a problem solver, open-minded, decisive, and she knows exactly who she is. Her daughter is growing up to be just like her.


Stephanie to Catherine:

What I love most about Catherine is how she never settles for ordinary, she's always looking for extraordinary. Some might call her a “perfectionist”, but I absolutely value this characteristic in her, because I know this is how she produces such amazing and unbelievably stunning work.

Through the years I have known her to be very sincere, compassionate and hard working. I love that she never stops improving herself both professionally and personally. She has proven to be trustworthy, loyal and extremely honest. As big an advocate as she is for her own self improvement, she also has as a strong desire to help other women see the potential in themselves.

She is one of the best listeners that I have ever met. Never casting judgement, she gives her undivided attention especially when I am running “a million miles a minute.” She has this way of helping me narrow my focus and together we are able to come up with the most amazing things.

Catherine's confident, independent, and creative. I feel so fortunate to begin this new chapter of Black Locust with her.


Reading and writing these love letters was an indescribably wonderful feeling. We're both so grateful to share the inner beauty we see in each other and to hear such kind, honest words about ourselves.

Being seen for who we really are is a gift, a gift we'd like to share with each of you. Every week on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we'll post an opportunity to tell the women around you how beautiful they are, inside and out. 

Use hashtag #empowerwomenyouknow to tell your favorite women how much you admire them. 

The Empowering Women You Know Project starts now.




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