Black Locust | Terms and Conditions


I agree to pay the package price on the scheduled shoot date:
The final amount (package price minus the deposit) is due no later than the day of the session. Payment for product purchases and additions made during or after the session will be due upon ordering. The package price as stated upon booking will remain valid until the session has been completed. Product prices (such as prints and digital images) will be valid through the allotted ordering period.

Postponement or Cancellation:
Rescheduling requests made within 48 hours of the photo shoot may incur a $100 fee. If the photo shoot is not rescheduled for a date within 30 days of the originally scheduled shoot date, the deposit is forfeited.
In the case of a client no-show, the deposit is forfeited.
Weather postponements are up to the discretion of the photographer at no charge to the client.

Reshoot Requests:
Artistic objections and elements outside the Photographer’s control are not grounds for a refund or re-shoot, but will be carefully considered upon request.

Photographer's Failure to Perform:
If the Photographer cannot perform the duties as described due to illness, emergency, casualty, strike, or act of God, then the client’s deposit will be returned upon request and the client is no longer responsible for further payment.

Photo Content:
I understand no nudity of any kind is encouraged or required during my photo shoot. I understand all decisions about my photo shoot will be based on my comfort level, including hair, makeup, props and wardrobe.

The photographer has discretion over how the images are edited and how much retouching is applied to any and all images. Some retouching requests may cost extra.

Loss of Images:
The Photographer guarantees the images will be available for 90 days after the shoot date. In the event digital materials are damaged or lost before they're delivered to the client and within 90 day window, the client may request a re-shoot or refund. After the 90-day period, the Photographer will retain copies of the images, but does not guarantee image archiving. The photographer is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged products after they have been delivered to the client or after the 90-day ordering period. Concerns about product quality will be addressed individually at the discretion of the photographer.

Portfolio Release:

I grant the Photographer the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use the photos taken of myself and/or my property for this photo shoot without my inspection or approval for Photographer’s portfolio and print/web promotional materials for the purpose of promoting the Photographer, excluding images of a sensitive nature, such as nudity, which will require a separate photo release. I understand the photographer will honor my preferences in regards to social media usage, as stated in a previous section. I agree to relay the details of this contract to any and all subjects involved in the session.


I agree to not sell these images (in print or digital form) for profit or give them away to a company/charity for use in advertising, except for the direct purpose of promoting myself. I agree to not print images with watermarks or logos. I agree to not scan, copy or reproduce printed products purchased from Black Locust.

Examples of image uses NOT allowed:
Submitting photos to contests or magazines.
Selling prints, posters, or t-shirts of images.
For advertising purposes for a business/charity for which you are not the owner.

Editorial Use in Magazines/Newspapers:
Purchased digital images may be submitted to magazines/newspapers by the client for the purpose of the client's self promotion, as long as the submission is accompanied by the proper copyright credit, as stated here:
©Catherine Murray, . Please contact Catherine for further details.

“Web Images” are small image files with watermarks/logos.     
Web Images are similar to “print proofs”.     
They are for web, email and keepsake use.  
Printing is not permitted and will result in a low-grade product.

“Print Images” are large image files without watermarks/logos.     
Print images are similar to a film negative.     
Printing, making copies and making backup copies are unlimited.
They can be uploaded online, emailed, used for things such as photo books and gift items.

COPYRIGHT AND USAGE: Digital Print Images (also called Print Photos, Retouched Photos, High-Res) and Digital Web Images (also called Low-Res, Web Photos) are subject to the terms and conditions below.

All images may be shared and kept forever. Digital and printed images may not be sold or given away for the purpose of advertising a product or service to any business or charity in which you are not the owner or entered into contests without the photographer’s expressed consent. Printing of Web Images is prohibited. Federal Law states that photographers own every image they take, including the attached copyright. The Photographer retains all copyright and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions. The Client is granted usage rights, not ownership, of images. Client shall not scan, copy or reprint any purchased prints. It is a violation of federal copyright law. Please contact the photographer for further clarification or permission.